Individual sewing


11A full range of services of the Studio on tailoring, with the participation of professional artists specializing in measurement, fabric selection and high quality execution of orders.

Custom tailoring, at all times, was a special honor, because the collective image of the ideal reached its climax with specific measurements of the figure in accordance with pre-selected style. Because, sometimes, the contents of the shelves even corporate stores are not able to satisfy our aesthetic needs within the irresistible choice of attire.

Our Studio is ready to provide full range of service:

  • Men’s and women’s clothing;
  • Curtains, curtains and drapes;
  • Automotive, furniture covers and much more.

We guarantee a special approach to each client, which is achieved thanks to the competent work of our craftsmen only with quality materials!

Tailoring individually significantly different from the models proposed in the stores. So if You need to pick up the most irresistible outfit in Chisinau, feel free to contact our specialized Studio, where skilled professionals will take the appropriate measurements of Your figure that will provide undeniable comfort and convenience in the operation of the particular clothing.

In our company involves some of the best masters of Chisinau, which will help you to choose the appropriate fabric, accessories, to disclose all the details of the order execution, as well as, coordinate all the details when selecting a specific model according to Your taste needs. From the time of ordering, specialist clothing will be Your major Advisor, consultant and performer whose skill fully reflected in the order summary.

It should be noted that our production is ensured by the presence of high-end equipment, which is constantly updated in accordance with professional requirements. All the necessary tools is also present in arsenal of our unchanged professionals.

Many tend to have the opinion that tailoring custom made requires the most significant costs in comparison with in-store purchase. However, this axiom is a fallacy, as specialized outlets offer customers products not only for every taste and for any amount. In turn, the services of professional seamstresses and tailors are quite affordable to almost everyone that can satisfy Your aesthetic needs, both within the framework of the pricing policy and the features of high quality products. Give yourself a treat for every occasion!