The machine embroidery design is developed through the development of programs for its creation and the manufacturing of embroidery. In the Studio using machine embroidery, you can make various logos for mass production, and also artwork patterns on an individual basis.

Recently, machine embroidery in Chisinau became typical demand, and this is no accident. After all, this specificity is characterized by automatic machines, which operate through a given specialist program. Machine, following a clear algorithm of this program capable of executing a machine embroidery design.

The first embroidery machine appeared in France in 1821, and since then, the demand for profession of designer, working in this field, became a steady growth.

The process of creating a composite machine embroidery in any specialized Atelier is divided into two main stages:

  1.  The process of developing the concept of the program for creation of the future of embroidery, in which the master reveals the design features of the embroidery design.
  2.  Direct embroidery manufacturer.

These stages are closely intertwined, but do not neglect their independence, from the point of view of the production. The fact that they can be differentiated, releasing, thus, distinct types of business activities.

Application area of machine embroidery in Chisinau purchased direct breadth, which distinguishes two main uses of this electronic sewing.

The first can be described the manufacture of machine embroidery as advertising and information media. Because this is notable not only practical, but also artistic expression. Any dedicated Studio will accept the order for manufacturing of various trademarks, company logos and emblems on fabric, leather, and other material. Embroider trademarks or distinctive signs on various types of clothing, uniforms, etc.

To the second area includes machine embroidery decorated, which can complement the individually designed patterned jacket, evening dress and many more. It is worth noting the basic role of the manufacturer of software for machine embroidery, which is called a punchers. On the shoulders of the technician assigned operations professional programmer, designer, designer, and artist. It is noteworthy that when working with design decorative machine embroidery, felt coming empathic professional and artistic qualities. This is not surprising because the machine in this case, is only a tool of expression of the concept sketch into reality, and the direct means of developing a concept sketch – a computer with appropriate software.

Design of machine embroidery is famous for its durability expressed high color stability thread, as well as, three-dimensional texture of the logo, which gives it a particular aesthetic appearance. That’s why the specialists of our company will recommend it machine embroidery that can be produced on various parts of footwear, clothing and hats.