Clothes repair

Atelier clothing repair offers professional services in Chisinau on repair, men’s, women’s and outerwear, as well as, restoration of mating, catlike and decorative darning. Welcome to our Studio, where our specialists will take over the duties of clothing repair of any complexity. The fact that the adjustment of already existing products, sometimes requires more professional skills and abilities, compared with a garment from scratch.

Our in the first place, the creative team consists of specialists in the fields of design and construction of clothing. All transactions are made using high-end equipment in accordance with modern requirements and quality control.

f You need quality repair service for clothing in Chisinau, we are ready to provide:

   1) Repair men’s clothing: men’s suits, coats, jackets, jeans, etc.

   2) Repair women’s clothing: wedding and evening dresses, skirts, blouses, etc.

   3) Repair outerwear: jackets, coats, capes.

Also, our specialists will help restore damaged for one reason or another binding of any complexity by constructing the initial geometry of the figure, if necessary, and have worked catlike.

If damaged the integrity of Your favorite things – does not matter, because our experts offer an original service repair clothes in chişinău decorative darning! Restore the texture of the canvas is achieved by simulating woven weave that ensures a perfect result.

Please contact our Studio and we will help You to emphasize your individuality without unnecessary overpayments!