Tailor shop “Modern”

Studio in Chisinau accepts orders for individual tailoring of clothes, as well as professional development and implementation of machine embroidery of different complexity.

Atelier “Modern” opened its doors to customers back in 1991, and to this day occupies one of leading places in the degree of demand for specialized services in Chisinau. It should be noted that the main areas of multi-level work of the company is as tailoring in accordance with the specified style and individual development of concepts of machine embroidery, which opens the possibility of large-scale replication of different instances of cross.


Our Studio provides high quality repair services, fitting and tailoring of any orientation. Taking orders of various thematic features, we tailor all kinds of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, including business and sports suits, casual and party wear, seasonal models, clothing.

Our experts, with years of experience professional qualifications, will be able to work individual order in the industrial and private. You can offer a variety of ideas design of wedding dresses, evening unpredictable outfits which can be designed specifically for Your event. In the shortest possible time, the wizard will produce a customized shape that will complement Your wishes professional recommendations and will perform custom tailoring quickly and efficiently!

Also, our Studio performs all types of machine embroidery, which, due to the complete lack of manual labour in the process of production, to achieve mass production of custom embroidery, applicable in many fields. One of them plays the role of advertising and information media.

Machine embroidery, thanks to its technological features, in many ways superior transfer printing or screen printing. These details allow the use of this type of embroidery when applying logos, atributes and trademarks on the fabric, and a felt and leather surfaces. For example, in great demand today is the application of distinctive signs of a company on the clothing, hats and jackets.

Also, it should be the other use of machine embroidery is a decorative embellishment products. In our Studio offers professional performance beautiful embroidery in accordance with its thematic and structural features. Unlike the mass production of logos, art sewing machine has an independent status on the development of which individually employs some of the best masters of Chisinau

Book the tailoring of any complexity, and add the desired model is sophisticated elements of machine embroidery. Emphasize your individual style and beauty that will highlight exactly Your idea!